YogainParis, a renowned and committed yoga school

An ancestral wisdom adapted to our time. Your support allows us to help others. In keeping with traditional yoga principles, classes at our yoga center in Paris 18 are built to include asanas (postures) pranayamas (breathing exercises to master vital energy), Savasana (deep relaxation) and Dhyana (a time of meditation).


20€ / one class, 1h
25€ / one class, 1h30
90€ / 5 hours valid for 1 hour classes only
160€ / 10 hours valid for ALL classes 3 months expiry
230€ / 15 hours valid for ALL classes 4 months expiry
295€ / 20 hours valid for ALL classes 6 months expiry
700€ / 50 hours valid for ALL classes 1 year expiry
1500€ / unlimited access for ALL classes 1 year expiry

45 €


If you are looking for a friendly place to practice yoga, this is the place!

Yoga principles

The principles of Yoga teach us not to steal, nor to accumulate profits. We apply these principles to our economic system and it could not work otherwise. When YogainParis makes a profit, we share it.

Your support

Thanks to your support, we have been offering free classes for seniors (over 60) for over 10 years. We also support various causes that are close to our hearts, associations that come to the aid of people in need, especially refugees.

My class at YogainParis is a weekly ritual that I cannot do without. 


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